Thursday, January 08, 2009

where was i when i did that...

It all started with the bananas.

I went to buy two bananas at the deli on my way into work. I reached into my bag to grab my wallet and it wasn't there. I could distinctly remember putting it in my bag earlier that morning! I asked the girl if I could pay her tomorrow and she said that was fine. Baffled about the whereabouts of my wallet, I left with my bananas.

I stopped just outside the deli, determined to search my bag more thoroughly. As I put down the bag and the bananas, I noticed something tucked under my arm. It was my wallet.

It's amazing how the brain can go into full auto-pilot mode sometimes. As someone who tries to live a life of presence and awareness, these moments of complete lack of consciousness catch me by surprise. When did I take my wallet out of my bag? And I tucked it under my arm?! I had no clue I had done that. I probably have more moments like these then I care to think about - the Universe simply protects me from my own foolishness by not telling me about them.

Great way to start the new year!

pace e bene,

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