Thursday, July 27, 2006

You know you're still asleep when...

You know you're still asleep when...'re in the shower shaving your legs, and you realize you're using "curl enhancing hair-styling cream" instead of shaving cream. They really need to come up with more bottle shapes. Different product & purpose, different bottle shape. Is that too much to ask?! Sheesh.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Post-east coast post...

I've been back in Ottawa for just over 48 hours, yet it already seems to be fading away. The salty scent of the water... the harmonious melody of my mom & her sister as they sing the songs they've always sung... the infectious sound of my cousins' laughter... the comforting taste of my mom's chocolate chip cookies... the scents & sounds of my roots. My home.

Two years is too long between visits - there's simply no reason to let it go that long. Lesson learned. Memories fade too quickly...


Monday, July 17, 2006

East Coast Post...

Greetings from sunny New Brunswick... We've been here less than 48 hours and I already feel like we've been on vacation for a week. Sunny, hot, breezy weather. Been to the beach twice already (including sitting through a thunderstorm as it swept by). Went running along the water. I'm grateful that my folks live so close to Kouchibouguac National Park.

I haven't been home for two years. There really is no reason to let it go that long ever again... This morning, as I was having breakfast (fresh berries and sesame toast) outside on the back deck, I was marvelling at what a beautiful set-up my parents have. This is the same house I grew up in (for the most part anyway) yet I never appreciated it in the way I do now. I suspect that's pretty common... Mom & Dad go about the upkeep of the property with dedication & pride. My dad is putting the finishing touches on the new deck he just built - by himself. He did a great job!! As someone whose favourite tool is the phone (to call the handyman-for-hire, of course :-)), I'm so impressed. Wonder why I didn't inherit that ability?!

All for now - I hope to post again before the week's end. We're planning to go to PEI for an overnight stay, then it's off to Tabusintac for my maternal family reunion - the one I haven't attended in five years!! Should be fun...


Friday, July 14, 2006

Travellin' on the cheap...

I've just come back from China... or so it seems... thanks to our friends Chris & Kathy, and the wonderful magic of blogging. For the past two weeks, I have followed them on their trip to China, and their journey to parenthood. It's so amazing that they were able to share this experience with us on a daily basis. Who knew their new life with one-year old twin girls would afford them so much free time?! :-)

Now, I wonder where I'll go next? Perhaps Ireland... or Scotland... Whaddabout Kathmandu? Or p'raps I'll simply spend the day commuting in London, or seeking adventure in a NYC taxicab.

Today, the world is truly at my fingertips.
And tomorrow, the road is at my feet. NB, here we come!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Random observations...

On my way to the bus stop this morning, I noticed a single shoulder pad on the road. Can't help but feel for the poor woman, stuck somewhere between the 1980's and the 21st century, as she goes about her day - with one shoulder bigger than the other.

As I was looking out the bus window, I also noticed the high number of cars on the road with a single occupant. Can you imagine the impact we could make on climate change if a law was passed stating that all vehicles required at least two occupants in order to be on the road? Even if it was only applicable during certain hours of the day, say from 06h00 - 09h00 and again from 15h00 - 18h00, the effect would be phenomenal!! If you still don't believe global warming is a world-wide emergency, go see An Inconvenient Truth. Run, don't walk, to a theatre near you. Open your eyes, ears and heart, and I dare you to not care after seeing this film... Be sure to stay for the closing credits - you'll learn what you can do to make a difference. It can be a simple as changing a lightbulb...


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Perfecting imperfection...

In a Navajo rug there is always an imperfection woven into the corner. And interestingly enough, it's where "the Spirit moves in and out of the rug." The pattern is perfect and then there's one part of it that clearly looks like a mistake. (...) Perfection is not the elimination of imperfection. That's our Western either/or, need-to-control thinking. Perfection, rather, is the ability to incorporate imperfection! There's no other way to live: You either incorporate imperfection, or you fall into denial. That's how the Spirit moves in or out of our lives. (Richard Rohr)

I remember reading something like this many years ago, and it struck a chord. I came across the story again recently and felt the need to record it here. My name is jag, and I'm a recovering Perfectionist. I grew up excelling at whatever I did, yet only doing what I knew I could excel at. As a result, I missed out on a lot of potential accomplishments and just plain fun. I also spent a lot of time looking for other people's approval of my "perfection". My name is jag, and I'm a recovering Approval Addict.

I'm happy to say that, in the past several years, I have worked hard - one day at a time - to break out of these patterns. They'll always be a part of me, but thankfully they no longer rule my life. I think that's one of the reasons I've embraced Yoga and Running so fully. I'm allowing myself to be not-so-good at it, and I'm making room for progress. I'm learning that there is a lot of satisfaction in seeing myself improve, bit by bit.

Freedom comes with admitting that I am perfectly imperfect. And, dare I say, I can't remember when I've felt or looked better! I'm right where Spirit wants me to be...


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Two. Seven. Nine.

Hi Friends... Happy Canada Day + 1! Hope your celebrations were wonderful, wherever you may be.

I started the day by running my first official 5k race - and I posted a personal best! :-) Wearing bib #279 and finishing in 34:16, I'm very pleased. I had no particular goals other than to 1) finish, and 2) improve upon the unofficial time from my Fun Run a couple of weeks back. I accomplished both!! It was especially great (and helpful!) to have Hubby run the race with me - for him, the 5k was a "cool down" after running his best 10k race yet. Congrats!!

I enjoyed seeing how people really get into this, both runners & spectators - even for this relatively small race. Residents would sit on their front lawns and cheer us on... a few of them held up a water hose offering us a much needed cool spray of water to run through. I got a real kick out of watching the "Tot Trot", a short run/trot/walk/waddle for toddlers and kids under five. Too cute! Each one received a medal, which for many, hung down to their knees. :-)

My Canada Day afternoon was pretty relaxed, catching snoozes as we watched the Tour de France. In the evening, I headed downtown and met up with Sis to catch the fireworks. Amazing stuff! People as far as the eye could see.... Admittedly, we positioned ourselves off the Hill for a relatively quick exit; I just can't handle standing still in a bottleneck of thousands upon thousands (upon thousands) of people converging through a gateway anymore. Been there. Done that. And the very thought of it started to make my heart pound in a panic. Thanks to Sis for understanding and agreeing to move to a more "open" area. (Although "open" is a generous word downtown on Canada Day night!! :-))

I gotta say though, all this pales in comparison to the excitement of my friends, Kathy & Chris, who, as we were celebrating our national holiday, were in China meeting their new twin daughters! Congrats to the new parents!!